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Esther Grace

Overall, I am really enjoy this teatox however I am still willing to try out other means of 'detoxing', whether that's through working out, or just drinking lots of water. I was also really happy with the customer service of Slendertoxtea, the tea company that kindly supplied me with their tea..*

Lisa Carolan

Yes I would do the detox again, I think summer would be a fantastic time to do the detox while you are thinking about your bikini body. It made me feel a lot healthier and better about myself and this would never be a negative..*

Beth Gargett

I wasn’t particularly bothered about shedding pounds when I started the teatox, but just hoped to feel healthier and less bloated. However, after completing the detox I not only feel less bloated* and have a flatter stomach*, but I actually did!..

Owen Frostie

Hello everybody… and today I am going to be giving you my opinion on Slendertoxtea so as somebody who has never detoxed I always wanted to try it and I finally found a tea that I feel comfortable using I noticed a lot of celebrities was using it so I thought I would try and so far it is going really well..*

Renée Edwards

Hi everyone, I hope you're all well. If you read my previous blog post about my goals for 2015 I do want to have a healthier lifestyle while also wanting to lose a bit of weight. The lovely people at Slendertoxtea have sent me their Slendershake..*

Sarah McCay

Hands up if you're still sticking to your New Years resolution of healthy eating and exercise. I've been working really hard at keeping on track and planning meals but it can be hard to get all my meals in or remembering to eat..*

Lauren Jane

Detox teas have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, claiming to aid detoxing, slimming and cleansing. I have recently been drinking a teatox by Slendertoxtea*. This is a 14 day teatox, which consists of..*

Zoe Richards

These detox and slimming teas are really popular on the market at the moment, and I have always been very curious about how they - and IF they actually work! A few weeks back I was looking at trying the teatox, but wanted to do a bit of..*

Levi Jade

Slendertoxtea were kind enough to send me a 2 week pack to try out and review for you guys! Since one of my new years resolutions was to get into shape I thought it was the ideal kick start I needed to start my journey..*

Olivia Cheryl

Hello! As 2015 hit us I made the cliche New Years Resolution to lose weight, Over the last 2 years I have gone up 3 dress sizes, no lie and I want to lose it all and be back to my confident Liv self so when Slendertoxtea got in..*

Alice Grace Howarth

If you read my '2015' post you'd know that it was amongst my resolutions to get fit. I did my research and found that the best way to change your lifestyle in terms of diet and exercise was to first do a detox to cleanse your body so that..*

Laura Johnson

At the end of last year I was sent a 14 day teatox* from Slendertoxtea. It was pretty close to Christmas so decided to save it til the New Year to give it a try. In the full 14 day teatox includes 14 daytime teabags and seven night time tea bags..*

Beauty Best Friend

If you've not heard of a Teatox before it’s a detox programme that you undertake just by drinking tea. I was asked to try out the 14 Day Teatox* from Slendertoxtea, and New Year was a perfect time to try it to help rid my body of the excesses..*

The Fashionista Observer

I have always loved a good Teatox. hands down prefer Slendertoxtea to Bootea. When I opened up the silver foil wrapping I initially thought I was going to hate it due to the strong odour but I was completely miss led..*

Franki Vella

During the #BHTWITTERPARTY I was kindly gifted by Slendertoxtea their shake. I have officially started today and so I thought I would write about what it's like and in two weeks show you my before and after results It is a meal replacement shake..*

Jenna Suth

Today kick started the start of my 14 day Slendertoxtea detox. Slendertoxtea has caught my eye across twitter, Instagram and blogs, I've seen the transformations and was keen to jump on board. The website explains it all, highlighting all the..*

Shannon McCartney

If your following me on Instagram (which you should be ;)) then you will know that I have started using Slendertoxtea. Today is day 4 and I have to say I'm really loving it. I've always struggled with weight and three years ago...*

Jade Lewis

Anyway beauts! Lets get ready to rumble! Not so long ago I won a competition with the amazing Slendertoxtea company via their twitter account! I won a 28 day teatox, which I desperately needed ;), this included 28 days worth of tea..*

CSI Beauty Blog

A few weeks ago I was sent a 14 day teatox by the lovely people at Slendertoxtea. I've always wanted to try one of them but just couldn't decide which as I was overwhelmed with the amount of choice, luckily for me Slendertoxtea..*

Gemma Child

Hi everyone so I really wanted to try out a detoxing tea and was luckily sent these two 14 Day Teatox tea from Slendertoxtea, I have always been scared to try anything detoxing, not sure why but i decided to give these ago..*

Hettie Oakley

There is always some new celeb diet going around, which never seem to really do anything other than make you hungry, tired or grumpy (Been there tried them). That was until I saw people talking about something called a "Teatox..*

Claire Cavanagh

Detoxing has always been pretty big news in the health world, and it seems that recently the popularity of 'tea doxes' has rocketed. This version of detoxing involves cleansing your system simply through drinking some specially blended herbal teas..*

Evie Goodman

So, as a sucker for marketing, I heard about the latest trend in Teatoxing and had to find out more! I was lucky enough to be sent a 14 day Teatox kit by Slendertox, so thank you to them!! The first thing I noticed, in comparison to some of the other..*

Katrina Louise

Since giving up coffee and attempting to embark on a healthier lifestyle, I have been looking at things that I can have in addition to my daily meals that will help to boost weight loss* and improve my general well-being..*

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*Weight loss is only achieved through a combination of diet, adequate water intake and exercise and results may vary from person to person. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.