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Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea

  • Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea
Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea
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Matcha green tea is an all natural, no added stimulants or artificial ingredients product. Unlike other stimulating foods, drinks or medications, our Ceremonial Grade Matcha is naturally grown from the highest quality green tea leaves. Each serving of matcha is full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Matcha green tea is traced back to ancient China. It was first introduced by Buddhist monks. The news of the bright green brew soon traveled to Japan. Thus becoming an integral part of the Zen lifestyle.

Matcha is calorie-free and it can help increase your metabolism greatly. Studies show that matcha green tea can quadruple the rate of your metabolism with continuous use. Ceremonial Grade Matcha is the best grade possible which is great for drinking, although there are some great tasting and healthy recipes. You can see some ideas in our ebook below which has a great selection which are all easy and quick to make with minimal ingredients, there's also alot of vegan and gluten free recipes included!



The Product Contains

  • 30g Tub of Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea

Why Choose our Ceremonial Grade?

  • Ceremonial Matcha is best enjoyed pure compared to Culinary Matcha (also known as cooking Matcha)
  • The flavour of Ceremonial is much more delicate and much sweeter compared to Culinary, which has a more bitter taste
  • Colour is very noticeable, the purer the Matcha the greener it will be
  • Ceremonial Matcha is therefore very rich in antioxidants which help to speed up your metabolism.

Properties and Benefits

  • 100% pure, organic & free from preservatives
  • Very rich in antioxidants
  • 30g worth is enough for 30 cups of tea (approx half a teaspoon per cup!)
  • Can increase your energy & metabolism as well as being calming
  • Boosts memory & concentration
  • Improves cholesterol
  • Create some amazing healthy recipes (even sweet treats!)

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