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Slim Patch

  • Slim Patch
Slim Patch
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Our Slendertoxtea Slim Patch contains 30 days worth of slimming patches.  The ingredients in our patches are completely natural and contain no pharmaceutical nasties, making them a safe appetite suppressant to aid your weight loss goals.  Our patches have zero side effects and can be worn for 24 hours, then simply replaced with a new one over your 30-day plan.


The Product Contains

  • 30 Day Supply of Slimming Patches

Usage Instructions:

  • Apply One Patch a day to a hairless part of the body (we recommend a part of the body with the most fat, for example top of your arm, thigh or stomach), simply peel off once you wish to remove, it couldn't be any easier! Our patches are 100% safe to use with no side effects, additionally they are water resistant so you can still do the activities you love such as swimming and you won't waste a single patch!


  • 5 HTP- healthy brain function
  • Kelp Extract- aids weight-loss efforts, boosts immunity, healthy skin, hair & nails
  • Guarana- increased energy levels, natural caffeine
  • Zinc Pyruvate- helps to breakdown fat 
  • Yerba Mate- natural plant extract to relieve mental and physical fatigue, improves digestion
  • Linseed Oil- essential fatty acids for healthy heart, regulates digestion
  • Lecithin- helps control cholesterol
  • L- Carnitine- amino acid to help the body to produce energy
  • Zinc Citrate- improved athletic performance and strength  


  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • 100% Safe to Use- No Chemicals
  • No Side Effects 
  • Water Resistant & Easy to Apply
*Please note this products contains Latex, we do not recommend use for 16 years and under*

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