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Eating Plan

What does a Detox diet do for me?

Detoxing motivates you to take control of your diet and carry on eating healthy when your detox plan is over. Slendertoxtea has put together an eating plan to help you on your detox diet. Whilst you are on this teatox cleanse there are some really great healthy foods that will compliment the our teatox, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners and of course fruits as they are a must for snacking as they contain antioxidants and vitamins. We would also recommend avoiding meats as they may contain added chemical preservatives; try to use fish as a replacement.

Detox plans are an excellent way of introducing great and healthy foods into your diet for the course of your ​teatox diet. If you are doing a teatox especially to aid in fat burning then you should follow diet plans such as this one, as it will help maximise your detox and provide some of the healthiest food options available to have whilst drinking our herbal clean detox organic tea.

The healthy foods in our detox plans are all advised with the teatox in mind, so you won't find any of our foods having meats or other foods that we have specifically requested you to avoid!

If you cannot download or view by clicking, right click the download button and select 'save link as' and save it to your selected area.

Do I have to eat less doing 'detox plans'?

All of the healthy foods ​we suggest to eat are full portion sizes and even incorporate snacking options if your feeling hungry throughout the day. We would never advise anyone to not eat, to help fat burning as this can be very dangerous!