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28 Day Berry Slendershake

  • 28 Day Berry Slendershake
28 Day Berry Slendershake
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Slendershake is made up of natural and organic products to make the perfect acai berry and tropical fruits mixed berry flavour. Our shake is the easiest on the go meal replacement as you need no preparation. Slendershake contains carbohydrates, essential fats, fibre and proven weight loss ingredients to aid your fat loss goals and keep you feeling fuller for longer. Use as a meal replacement to help lose excess body fat, increase your metabolism and help you earn your perfect slender body.

Slendershake shake provides healthy sustainable weight loss. Whilst using Slendershake to gain the best results possible we strongly recommend a healthy balanced diet and active lifestyle. Slendershake are a convenient yet balanced and nutritious meal replacement, we recommend you to use Slendershake to replace either your breakfast or lunch time meal whilst eating a healthy evening meal. Slendershake has been formulated to provide 30 kcal per serving whilst keeping you full and energised!

Whilst on your Slendershake and unsure what to eat on your healthy diet you can view our printable Eating Plan to choose from a wide variety of great and healthy meals!


The Product Contains

  • 28 Day Supply of Slendershake (160g)
  • 5g Measuring Scoop

Usage Instructions

  1. Add a scoop (5g) of the Slendershake mix using the provided measuring scoop to any cup.
  2. Add 100-150ml of water or low fat milk.
  3. Optional: You can add fruit, low fat yoghurt or extra sweetener to give you the taste you desire.
  4. Mix/shake well before serving you Slendershake.


  • Assists Weight loss
  • Improves Energy
  • Therapeutic to the skin
  • Helps Digestion

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