Your turn to brew up?

On February 24, 2016 by admin

Yes, it’s true – us Brits sure do love a good old cuppa’. The kettle is probably the only appliance in the house, if not the kitchen, that is changed at least every 6 months. That is certainly a lot of tea and coffee, and as we seem to be crawling out of the winter months at a snail’s pace, there are still a lot more brews to be had. Good news for us, of course, as we’re always at the ready to supply a variety of detox tea and detox coffees for you to brew up and enjoy.

Whether you like the traditional cuppa, with milk and sugar, strong or weak, or prefer something a little different such as peppermint or fruit based tea, one thing is for certain – nothing beats those winter blues like a brew. There’s a huge variety of flavours and tastes across the country, too, and we all have our personal favourite kinds to radiate those drab grey days. We don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying our brews too much, however, thanks to the incredible detox tea and detox coffee products found here with us. Why not combine something you love, with something that is extremely good for you?

You like the sound of this, you say? Then detox tea may just be the answer you were looking for!

So just what are the advantages of swapping your regular tea bag for some detox tea? Well the benefits include improving your health and your mood during your day to day life, as well as giving you a little extra confidence on the side. For these reasons alone it is worth giving detox tea a try, though you can find all you need to know further on our website!

So next time you are asked “You brewing up?” the answer should be “Yes, if you try one of these brews”. Get over to our website today for more information on the range of detox tea we have available.



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