You are what you eat

On January 19, 2016 by admin

Literally, according to a new study conducted by Winnoa State University, the key to losing weight more freely and without the feel of starving yourself is to visualise yourself as a healthy eater.

The main purpose of the study was to change people’s eating habits for the better, using more of a psychological tactic on them. 124 women participated in the study and they were all provided with relevant information about food portion sizes and were told to create a food diary for 6 weeks. The participants were split into three groups:

  • Group 1: standard educational information about nutrition
  • Group 2: treated as the control group
  • Group 3: create food identities using their health goals. E.g. if they wanted to eat more fruit or drink more water, they should identify themselves as a fruit eater or a water drinker.

The results found that those in group 3 maintained a healthy diet for the duration of the study and ate an extra portion of their desired healthy food. For example, those who wanted to eat more fruit ate an additional portion of fruit each day compared to those in the other 2 groups. Those in group 1 and 2 were unable to maintain a healthy diet. Therefore, the “doers” were more successful in losing weight.

This is an interesting study and if you’re looking to drop a few pounds then find out what your diet is missing or needs more of. If it’s detox tea, then visualise yourself as a detox tea drinker. Detox tea is a good health supplement to help you lose weight, but it must be part of a healthy balanced diet that involves regular exercise.

detox tea

If you want to give yourself a January diet boost and need a helping hand, then visualise yourself as a detox tea drinker and include Slendertoxtea’s detox tea into your healthy balanced lifestyle.

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