Why Should We Keep Fit?

On April 9, 2014 by Slendertoxtea

Keeping fit is the reason why we are the best survivors on this planet. If you are fit , this means you may have a good amount of stamina, you’ve got motivation skills, and you’ve got independent skills. but keeping fit also involves eating healthy and monitoring your junk foods. Eating 10 pieces of fruit per day (scientists have proved that 5 isn’t actually enough for the body) will also get you on your way for being healthy. However, in this modern day and age,there are more overweight people now than there has ever been before. Being overweight isn’t particularly a bad thing, but if your wanting to loose weight then it can be a very distressing thing. In order to keep fit , you need to want to help yourself , because its YOU that makes the big decisions for your body. Most of all, the best thing is to STAY FOCUSSED. Don’t be put off by the  amount of sweat and pain you might be put in, that should be motivating you to become slim.  There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of help too. And this is where slendertoxtea becomes useful.

using slendertoxtea as an aid will help you get your ideal body faster than you probably thought, if you keep on top with the fitness. its another form of a detox diet which works with weight loss and fat burning. it is a green, organic tea which helps you with loosing weight.if you are using slendertoxtea, it is essential that you configure yourself to a healthy diet plan as well as an efficient detox plan as it cleans all the waste out of your body. a healthy diet plan will obviously consist of you eating healthy foods enabling a herbal clean detox to work more effectively. 

Now, for why you’re actually reading this blog entry. why should we keep fit? well, for one, its official that it clears your mind and keeps your mood sane. we all have them bad days when we feel under the sun and could do with smashing a plate! keeping fit keeps you level-headed and keeps your mind clear so you feel fresh and happy , as well as aching from your exercise. As well as slendertoxtea, it also increases your metabolism to let you take control of your weight, this is a good thing for people like body-builders or athletes. controlling your weight means it will be visible to you when you’re putting weight on. body builders need this in order for them to keep up the “Hulk” look.  athletes may need this because they may go on a water diet for a duration of time and may still want to look the part but not so much play it, as they will be focusing on their stamina more than anything.

Things like stretching everyday will increase your flexibility. this is a good thing because it makes your body more agile to go into shapes. stretching is also a key part of fitness. stretching is for BEFORE you start exercise AND after. not stretching before or after exercise could result in a stitch, pull off muscle  or even worse.

DID YOU KNOW? – That keeping fit increases your bone density? yep, its true! keeping active and fit will make your bones stronger, giving them less chance of breaking on you. The intake of vitamin D and calcium will also make your bones stronger!

for more information, please feel free to visit www.slendertoxtea.co.uk for all product details, advise & weight loss tips.

Thank you for reading my blog.


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