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What our lovely customers think of our Tea!

I’ve always been a bit of nut about health and fitness, and as a boxer, I’m constantly under pressure to keep an eye on my weight This Christmas, I remained fairly committed to my morning runs and trips to the gym and managed to only put on 1.5kg (not bad considering I did annihilate the cheeseboard and biscuit tin on a regular basis as well as devouring many a roast potato). Despite this , I was feeling both a little squishy round the edges and fairly swollen with an welcomed return of dimples layering my thighs and arse. As an avid lover of all things herbal tea, slendertox seemed like an ideal option for me, although I will admit that I was a little apprehensive about it’s results. I’ve tried many diets and supplements in the past, with no real success, so I didn’t expect this herbal option to be any different. On day 1 I weighed in at 64.5kg, feeling bloated as you like. I started with my daytox tea upon rising as instructed, and will admit that doesn’t taste quite as I anticipated. I expected it to be fruity, but it’s not sweet at all. However, it’s more than palatable, and actually quite comforting first thing in the morning. Think of the taste to be similar to green tea, but softer and less bitter and you’ll be about right. I’ll be honest, there were no instant results. I still felt bloated and fat, but at the end of the day, it’s tea; not magic. I also had my sleeptox that evening. Now, it says on the packaging to try and time this so you take your sleeptox the night before a day off- DO NOT IGNORE THIS. The sleeptox is very good at ‘getting things moving’ and not just once. As a community physiotherapist at the moment, toilets can be sparse. I nearly found myself in many a sticky situation that day. So yes, I recommend a day off. By about day 3, I started to notice the effects of the tea. I felt less like an elephant and definitely had more energy. I’d been getting up at 5am for runs, followed by a day of work and evening exercise and still felt energised to have packed out activity filled weekends too. Whereas before, I was always resembled the walking dead by Friday evening. By day 7, I weighed in at 62.6kg. This is a huge loss for such a short space of time. I usually sit at about 63-63.5kg these days with very clean eating and daily exercise, so I was more than ecstatic to be playing about in the 62kg category (a place I’ve only been in when training hard for a fight). I did get occasional stomach pains for the first few days, but just similar to very mild period pains. They weren’t troublesome and subsided as my body adjusted to the tea a bit more I presume it was all part of the detox process. Another important key note… If you’re as dappy as me, it may be worth noting down the days you have your sleeptox. I mistakenly took 2 in 2 days and definitely felt the effects; my bowels were more than mobile- it’s not worth the risk. It’s now day 10 and I feel lighter, energised, less bloated and thigh dimple free. My complexion is clearer and I just generally feel much healthier! All in all, I would recommend this product. It’s a perfect detox, as I said, even my complexion has improved! It’s excellent for shifting a bit of holiday weight when used alongside exercise and a clean, healthy diet. The sleeptox definitely cleanses that colon, so be aware! But all in all, I had no issues with it. Many people slate teatoxs because they believe that they’re just a laxatives that dehydrate you and then as soon as you stop , you gain all the weight again. Although this may be true in some cases, I wouldn’t have said so with slendertox. Yes, there is a mild laxative effect, but that’s all part of the colon cleansing process and the ridding of all the toxins that have built up. It’s important in order to make you feel less bloated and more energised so that you don’t crave sugars and binge on junk food. It’s also important to rev up that metabolism.

Will I gain weight again after I finish this detox? If I maintain my current exercise programme and clean eating plan, it’s unlikely.
Will I teatox again? Most definitely

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