Natural Weight Loss | What is a Detox Teatox and Can it Help Fast Weight Loss & Slimming?

On November 8, 2013 by Slendertoxtea

What is the Teatox Program and Can it Help you Lose Weight*

A DETOX TEATOX is a way of drinking yourself CLEAN to get LEAN.
SLENDERTOXTEA is designed  to help rid your BODY of  unwanted waste and WEIGHT.

They are all NATURAL HERB ingredients designed to CLEANSE the Digestive system and DETOX the BODY.
As a RESULT of CLEANSING the COLON the BODY starts to run more efficiently, boosting the METABOLISM, ENERGY and reducing cravings.

A lot of people DIET and workout but still find themselves not having a flat stomach or can’t get a reduction in the size of their belly , asking themselves why? why? why?
This is because excess WEIGHT around the stomach area can be from residual matter in your COLON, in this case no amount of exercise will help.

Reference the claim to a footnote that reads as follows: *Weight loss is only achieved through a combination of diet and exercise. These products may assist in the process. We are all individual but one sure thing it can’t have no result!!

For someone who has never teatoxed or DETOXED their body they may find the claims of a teatox to be unbelievable, but everyone male, female, no matter what shape or size will feel a result.

With a teatox plan and a regular commitment to use of the teatox plan the benefits will go on and on… for those unsure of them here are a few.

Inches off your STOMACH*
Ease STOMACH distress
Ease occasional CONSTIPATION
Banish that BLOATED feeling
Say bye bye to toxins

With all these benefits, a “cup of tea” has never seemed so appealing…

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


*Weight loss is only achieved through a combination of diet and exercise. These products may serve as support for these efforts.

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