We’re not lovin’ this salad

On February 11, 2016 by admin

You can’t beat a naughty treat from time to time, there’s no harm in having treats just as long as it’s not an excessive amount. Everyone enjoys a McDonald’s, but what would you normally opt for? A Big Mac, fries and a diet coke, a chicken nugget meal or a salad? If it’s the latter, do you choose a salad because it’s the healthier option? The majority of you will, but you’ll be surprised at how many calories there are in a McDonald’s salad, even our weight loss supplements team were shocked!

Kale is the new superfood that everyone is craving about and of course McDonald’s chicken and kale salad would seem like the obvious choice to go for if you wanted to a healthier option, but the calories and fat content in the salad is remarkable.

The ‘healthy’ salad contains 730 calories and 53g of fat, whereas a Big Mac burger contains 520 calories and 28g of fat. Of course, this is just for the burger alone and it doesn’t include the side of fries and drink. This means, the salad contains around 200 calories more than the traditional double burger. Although Kale is packed with vitamins and iron, the salad contains crispy chicken, a creamy Asiago Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese and bacon.

big mac

It is also shocking to discover that two cheeseburgers, and six chicken nuggets and fries has less calories than the fast food chain’s chicken and kale salad.

If you popped in for a ‘healthy’ energy boost drink, you would probably opt for a smoothies such as the blueberry and pomegranate one, but and as we mentioned in our previous blog ‘Smoothie Operator, this smoothie alone contains 54g of sugar and just 4% of your daily vitamin C. The World Health Organisation advises that adults consume no more than 25g of sugar a day. This means that one smoothie contains two days’ worth of sugar allowance. So if were considering opting for a smoothie at the fast food chain instead of a fizzy drink as a form of weight loss supplement, then reconsider it.

There are some healthy options at the fast food chain such as the Greek salad with grilled chicken with dressing for fewer than 500 calories, so it’s not all doom and gloom, but Slendertoxtea has a variety of other weight loss supplements available, which don’t contain high amounts of fat, sugar, salt and calories.

Trust us; you’ll be lovin’ our weight loss supplements!

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