Teatox/Detox | My Slendertoxtea Diet Update

On November 20, 2013 by Slendertoxtea

My Slendertoxtea & De-tox tea Dieting Update

Hi everyone thought I would write a little update about my TEATOXING.
I have been doing the SLENDERTOX TEATOX DIET, there seems to be quite a lot of DETOX teas out there now.

I have read articles about DETOXING and the side effects but never the less have decided to give it a go .

One thing I must stress is I did not expect it to transform my life or be the answers to WEIGHT LOSS  problems, one thing I had hoped my TEATOX DIET would do would compliment a new regime, I struggle with my DIGESTIVE system so hoped this would help.

I’m now 6 days in to my slendertoxtea I would say I’m feeling good and definitely CLEARED out,
In the first day or so I did feel a little  nausea but I know they say it is the TOXINS leaving your body.
One thing that really made me want to TEATOX was the claims that overhauling the digestive system and cleansing the COLON had great benefits.
Well I have to say its one of the first things I’ve ever tried that does really work for me
I had my first tea at night I liked the taste didn’t seem nasty or horrible it didn’t have an overpowering flavor but I could smell the FENNEL.
It made me go to the toilet the next morning and has continued to frequently ( I knew I was blocked / backed up as you would call it )
I feel a lot better for ridding my body of all the TOXINS (literally ) I know some people call it a laxative but to me it’s all NATURAL,ORGANIC and if I didn’t have it to be CLEAR it would not happen.

I am sticking to this TEATOX as my stomach  is going down and I feel a lot better for going to the toilet at least once a day ( I used to feel very BLOATED before )

Would def recommend peeps !!!

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