Try not to have too much Alcohol!

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Alcohol is a vice that some of us enjoy upon occasion, but do you actually know what it is doing to your body behind the infamous hang overs and headaches? Lets find out!

Be proactive, not reactive:

Take steps that help you avoid the hangover in the morning rather than steps to try to cure your hangover. Many people say that hang over cures are actually a myth and if you have got one, your not going to get rid of it without some discomfort. So why not start the night with a few countermeasures in order to protect yourself in the morning?

Line your stomach. Drinking on an empty stomach is generally a bad idea as you have nothing to absorb the alcohol therefore your going to feel the full effect of it when your puking up in the morning.

Skip the fizzy drinks. Fizzy drinks speed up the absorption of alcohol into your blood stream making it hard for your body to take all at once. Relax, have a good time and skip the sugar!

Drink water before sleeping. One of the most widely known methods for preventing a hangover, probably the best as it is actively fighting against the main affects of drinking alcohol (dehydration).

Don’t give into more drinking in order to clear the hangover. That just makes it harder to stop!

Weight gain:

Alcohol is actually a huge player in weight gain, so if your trying to lose some pounds and are a regular drinker, then you could consider cutting down or cutting off completely. According to the NHS website, drinks have the following calories:

175ml Standard glass of wine – 126 kcal

1 pint 5% beer – 170 kcal

50ml cream liqueur – 118 kcal

330ml alcopop – 237 kcal

50ml fortified wine – 65 kcal

So you can see, if your on a binge you can easily tot up those calories and that hard day at the gym, or weeks dieting is suddenly lost. Whats worse is, even after your done drinking all that alcohol, your probably going to want a fry up the next morning, adding approximately 455kcal to the total. Not good!

As always if you have any questions please do let us know and if you didn’t get put off alcohol by reading this do keep to a safe limit when consuming it!

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