Time for Breakfast: Part 2

On March 24, 2016 by admin

In our last blog we discussed how we don’t always give breakfast the time it deserves. Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, however, some mornings we skip it in favour of an extra ten minutes in bed. In keeping with the theme of our previous blog we have a couple more breakfast suggestions for you below. So stick the kettle on, settle down with a nice cup of detox tea and enjoy part 2.

Greek yogurt with Fruit

Okay, so this maybe not a totally new idea but it is rather good for you and extremely tasty. Many people believe that Greek yogurt is quite fattening and bad for you, and can understand their thinking, as the yogurt’s texture is extremely thick and creamy. Greek yogurt is in fact rather good for you.

When in production, the yogurt is strained in order to remove much of its natural sugar and lactose. The thickness can be attributed to this straining process, as some of the fattening liquids are removed.

Top with fresh fruit, nuts or acai berry powder for taste, and enjoy.

Smoked salmon on toast

This one won’t take you as long as you think. Decent smoked salmon can be picked up at your local supermarket, and served with toast can give you a hearty healthy breakfast. Try adding dill and sliced radishes for a little extra taste.

So there you have it, over the course of the last two blogs we have given you a few little breakfast ideas to ensure that you make time for the most important meal of the day. Now you have breakfast down to a fine art, it’s time to think about your lunch!

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Time for Breakfast Part 2

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