The SlenderPatch

On February 6, 2014 by admin

The SlenderPatch:

Time to talk about the SlenderPatch again, as we have had such a good response from it so far! When people think of a patch, they may be thinking about chemicals or other harmful side effects, but the SlenderPatch is a 100% natural product, so no worries there.

So what is a SlenderPatch:

The SlenderPatch is packed with excellent ingredients to help you lose weight, safely. It sticks to your body for up to 24 hours (You can use the SlenderPatch constantly, as long as you change it every 24 hours). The patch dispenses the ingredients into the body allowing you to receive the direct benefit of them.

This kind of weight loss is an excellent start to leading a healthier lifestyle, as you don’t actually have to change your eating habits, although it is recommended you at least try to eat healthier.

How do I apply them & for how long?

Our patch will last you up to 24 hours, so your pack of Slender patches should last you the month or more. You are not required to wear the patch for the full 24 hour period, although it is recommended that you do, as this will speed up the slimming process.

Where is best to apply the patches?

The best place to apply the patch is the parts of your body with the least amount of fat, as this enables the patch to get into your blood stream quicker, making it more effective over all. You must apply the patch to a part of the body with no hair, this is important as hair will hinder the weight loss process.

Why are the patches so effective?

The Slenderpatch is a 100% natural appetite suppressant, so your less likely to be hungry during the day and only eating what you need to eat rather than your body telling you its hungry when its not. As the ingredients are placed in a patch, it infiltrates the blood stream quicker than digestion through the stomach, causing the patch to have a better overall effect.

If you have any questions about our Slenderpatches, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thanks, the Slendertoxtea team! X

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