Summer Is Coming!

On March 10, 2014 by admin

Summer Is Coming!

Getting ready for summer? If you’re planning to spend a lot of time in the sun this Summer then it may be worth noting a few health related tips. Keeping hydrated is one of the major health problems that medical professionals face during these hot months, so keep your body in the best shape it can be and note some noteworthy tips!

Keeping hydrated and nourished during summer:

Keeping hydrated during the summer months is the most important time. Blazing heats and increases in physical activities and going outdoors cause us to become dehydrated quicker than in the other seasons. Drinking when your thirsty just isn’t enough to give your body what it needs to perform optimally, so have a quick read on to find out how you can do the best for your body during these times!

Prevent thirst, don’t aid it.

Drinking water regularly throughout the day is an important factor in preventing thirst. You don’t want your body to have to become dehydrated enough to actually tell you its dehydrated, because at that point its already beginning to affect you.

Avoid alcohol on physically demanding days.

Although it may seem refreshing and cooling, alcohol is actually extremely dehydrating, and will cause you to feel discomfort if, for example, you are playing sports or exercising. This also goes for the day after  you have consumed alcohol, even if you don’t feel hung over (the alcohol is likely still in your system).


High in potassium and water, fruits are the perfect stomach filler / body hydration food. You should typically be aiming to eat around 5 cups of fruits to gain maximum body efficiency and help keep your body hydrated.

Sports drinks and other drinks

Sports drinks are an excellent way to keep your body hydrated with the electrolytes and other goodies that it needs when going for a more extreme session. If your out playing sports in the hot sun, consider swapping out water for a sports drink that has around 5-8% carbohydrates and contains electrolytes.

Other drinks including tea, juice, milk and even soups, which have excellent levels of water and each come with their own unique benefits. Although you may not always feel like drinking hot tea and soup during the good weather, remember that foods like tea actually help cool you down when your body is warm!

If you have any tips for us for the coming summer months to keep our bodies hydrated we would love to know more! Just leave a comment below. Questions welcome as always!

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