Slimming down for Summer – A Slendertox Tea Review

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Slimming down for Summer – A Slendertox Tea Review

By Laura Savvas

Before (12 stone 3 lbs) After (11 stone 3 lbs)

For many, summertime is their favourite season; longer nights, more socialising, and (generally) better weather. But for some, the summer months spell impending doom for those who are faced with achieving the ultimate Bikini Body.

A short while ago, I was that person.

Staring down at the scales, the digits screamed back at me. 12 stone 3 lbs.

The result of a few too many heavy nights out and over-indulgent evenings (okay, a couple month’s worth…) had eventually caught up with me, and bitten me on my backside.

With an imminent transatlantic move… (I’m off to Orlando, Florida next Tuesday (10th June) to work at Walt Disney World for 2 months), I knew I had to act fast to beat the fat.

So you could say that I discovered Slendertox Tea at the perfect time. I was given a 14 day trial (thank you very much!! Happy girl right here!) and I began the detox on Monday 19th May.

Having used a similar product previously (and losing 7lbs in 14 days), I was a little sceptical as to what would made Slendertox Tea different – or better for that fact. It seemed everyone was jumping on the bandwagon and creating these “quick-fix” ways to lose a few pounds for summer.

For me, there is no middle ground – I’m the type of person who is either very strict with my diet, or very lax (hello peanut butter and chocolate…).

Whilst using Slendertox Tea, I gave up all meat (not just red meat), all dairy, all bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. I ate roughly 4 or 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, so my diet looked a little something like this:


A banana/apple


A salad made of tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion, tuna (hold the mayo!), and lemon juice as a dressing.

An orange/banana/other piece of fruit


Fillet of fish such as salmon, lemon sole, plaice with sweet potato mash, spinach and mushrooms.


2 pieces of dark chocolate (if I needed a sugar fix – I have a hugeee sweet tooth)


Sliced cucumber

Cherry tomatoes

Also, I only drank Slendertox Tea as well as at least 2 litres of water every day. Simple, really!

So I started my detox, and initially I noticed I was peeing a lot more than normal! Don’t worry, this is meant to happen! Also, due to the night time detox containing a natural laxative, you’ll find yourself going to the toilet a lot more – this is also completely normal! I used to drink my night time tea around 8pm in the evening because it takes a good 10 hours to kick in – so plan ahead!!

Previous detox teas I’ve tried have had a very aniseed/liquorice type taste which I hated – but thankfully this didn’t! The detox felt so much easier to stick to than other similar products on the market.

I found myself with a lot more energy due to eating foods that were actually healthy, and good for me, and soon enough, the weight started slowly dropping off and I could notice a difference in my stomach and legs (RESULT!).

Oh, and one thing to bear in mind – I did no exercise over the two weeks. (Does shopping count? Yes? No? Okay, yeah, no exercise then..). I’m far too lazy to go on a run (#bigboobproblems) and I have no time for the gym… so I wasn’t expecting any miracles!

So the morning of Tuesday 3rd June arrived, and I knew it was time to step on the Weighing Scales of Doom again.

To my amazement, the monitor read 11 stone 3lbs.

I had actually lost a total of 14lbs – so 1 stone!

I was very surprised by the results and I am now a lot more confident about the thought of putting a bikini on!

Now I can say with 100% happiness and pride that I will be spending my summer in the Sunshine State 1 stone lighter!

Admittedly, I will never have a body like a Victoria’s Secret model – I have curves, but I’m happy with that! I just wanted to slim down and feel happier in my own skin, and Slendertox Tea helped me achieve exactly that.

I would 100% recommend this product.

To find out more, visit their homepage at

If you have any further questions regarding my Slendertox Tea experience, feel free to contact me on Twitter @laurasavvas.

Laura x

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