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On April 12, 2016 by admin

How many of us are usually in a mad frantic rush every morning? How many of us ‘bin off’ breakfast in favour of another 10 minutes in bed? They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it is important to make sure that you make time for it. Furthermore, eating a healthy breakfast will give you that extra boost in the morning, and stop all of that unnecessary unhealthy snacking whilst at work. So when it comes to breakfast time tomorrow, pop some brown bread into the toaster and stick the kettle on for a nice cup of detox tea.

Once you get used to having breakfast each morning, you will find that it easily fits in to your daily routine without any hassle.  What is more, you may even start to make a little more time for your breakfast, and give it the meal status that you deserve.

When you reach that stage why not try for a healthy balanced breakfast consisting of poached eggs on toast with avocado, accompanied by your favourite brand of detox tea. It’s tasty nutritious and has all the goodness you need to face the day ahead.

When it comes to our detox tea products, you can be sure that they are made using natural and organic ingredients. We stock a variety of detox tea products including a 14 day course, a day & night tea, and 3 months’ worth of supplements. All of our products can be found over at our online shop. So make sure that you visit the website for our full range of detox tea, or contact us for more information.

When the alarm rings tomorrow don’t forget to get yourself some breakfast. Whatever you decided to eat, make sure that it is accompanied by our lovely detox tea.

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