Replacing ‘healthy’ with a symbol

On February 1, 2016 by admin

healthy eating symbols

Quick question, are you more likely to buy healthy food products that have a healthy symbol associated with it such as a heart, or buy them because it uses the word ‘healthy’? This isn’t a trick question, it’s from an interesting article that I read this morning and I wanted to see what your thoughts were on it.

Recent research has found that foods marked with a healthy symbol are more likely to be bought over those branded with the word ‘healthy’, therefore, people are more likely to eat healthier – which is what we all want otherwise we wouldn’t be encouraging you to drink our detox tea 😉 So if you walked into a supermarket a saw a fresh apple with a heart symbol on, the research indicated that people are more likely to pick it up and eat it over than an unhealthy snack such as a chocolate bar. The research also highlighted that foods with a healthy label attached to it can be off putting.

So it seems that visualising artistic imagery is more appealing, engaging and sends more direct messages to the brain than the word ‘healthy’. It is very interesting, but would you pick up an apple or buy our detox tea because it had a healthy heart symbol on it, or because it had the word ‘healthy’ associated with it? Or would it not make a difference?

If Slendertoxtea included a healthy symbol on our detox tea products, would you buy it more? Let us know over on our Facebook or Twitter page.

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