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On May 10, 2016 by admin

Well, we may only just be a quarter of the way through the spring but it has certainly has been a busy year for all of us here at Slendertoxtea so far. It is no secret that we love nothing more than supplying you with our exciting brand of tasty detox tea and other weight loss supplements, so you can imagine then just how excited we were when we were featured in a number of different Glamour publications this year.

Those of you who read Glamour UK may have spotted a nice piece featuring us in back their April edition. In an article entitled ‘Get Fit with Glamour’ we were mentioned alongside a range of five other exciting fitness foods and products, with top billing might we add! This article goes to prove just how keeping fit has changed over the years. Long gone are those dreaded diet days where you had no choice but to eat and suffer boring foods.

Swapping your current lifestyle for a new healthier one, has never been more exciting or easier. This article featured the line “Time to treat your body” and this is something we stand by here at Slendertoxtea. We supply a range of exciting and tasty detox tea, superfood powders and other weight loss supplements, aimed at making that diet at yours a little more of a treat.

Of course it is important to remember that keeping fit also involves regular exercise and balanced diet, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t also tantalise your taste buds at the same time. Our products do just that! They are tasty and more importantly they offer that little helping hand when it comes to aiming for that new lifestyle of yours.

Fancy trying some of our detox tea and other weight loss supplements for yourself? Then get yourself over to our website today, and when it comes to more featured articles, well watch this space!

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