03. 02. 2014

Summer Bodies are earned in Winter

Summer Bodies are earned in Winter: This is an expression we like to say here at Slendertoxtea (and you may have seen a post about it on our Instagram, if you follow it...

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30. 01. 2014

A Healthy Breakfast = A Happy Day

A Healthy Breakfast = A Happy Day Breakfast is the most important meal of the day: Atleast in our opinion. Breakfast sets you up for the day, giving your metabolism a chance to start working...

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28. 01. 2014

Excercise: What you may not know

Exercise: What you may not know: In this blog we will be talking a bit more about exercise. We have touched upon its benefits in other blogs, but we feel like this is...

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27. 01. 2014

Why choose Slendertoxtea? | Detoxing Products

What our lovely customers think of our Tea! I’ve always been a bit of nut about health and fitness, and as a boxer, I’m constantly under pressure to keep an eye on my...

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21. 01. 2014

Detox Smoothies

Detox Smoothies While detoxing, you may decide that you want to start drinking smoothies. Smoothies are a great source of goodness, depending on what you blend. If you need a burst of energy...

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17. 01. 2014

Loving Your Body

Loving Your Body: You’ve probably read lots of times about how to keep your body healthy, that you should be drinking lots of water and that we should love our bodies. But how...

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14. 01. 2014

Detoxing for the First Time

Detoxing for the First Time As we all know, during Christmas we all tend to eat more food. And more junk food. No matter how healthy we eat during the course of the...

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13. 01. 2014
healthy food for dieting and weight loss with salmon, peppers and lemons

Eats and Avoids: Getting the most of Slendertox!

Eats and Avoids: Getting the most of Slendertox! During your course of SlenderToxTea, it is important to eat the healthy, clean foods to receive the maximum benefits of the detox. Eating a variety...

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07. 01. 2014
slendertox tea toxtea teatox detox tea slimming tea weightloss

Easy ways to Detox yourself and Lose Weight

4 Great Tips to Easily Detox and Lose Weight Abide by these simple rules to help make your detox diet easy and effortless and you will guaranteed to be healthy and fit! After...

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28. 12. 2013
teatox time

Detoxing after Christmas!

  It is almost impossible for all of you FITNESS conscious and HEALTH freaks to keep up your yearly regime when You are with family and Friends at this festive time year.There is...

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