16. 04. 2014

Why Detox? Reasons For Detox Dieting

Many people all over the world are currently on a detox diet. And there are many different reasons for each person as to why they are detoxing. But what are these reasons? There’s...

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09. 04. 2014

Why Should We Keep Fit?

Keeping fit is the reason why we are the best survivors on this planet. If you are fit , this means you may have a good amount of stamina, you’ve got motivation skills,...

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19. 03. 2014

Eating On A Detox

Eating On A Detox Traditional Detoxes: Traditional detoxes are usually done by juice fasting. Juice fasting is where for the course of around 3-5 days, all you consume are juices and water. The...

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10. 03. 2014

Summer Is Coming!

Summer Is Coming! Getting ready for summer? If you’re planning to spend a lot of time in the sun this Summer then it may be worth noting a few health related tips. Keeping...

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06. 03. 2014


Superfoods In a world where our supermarket shelves are crammed with canned foods and preserved goods, how can we know that what we are putting in our bodies is really good for us,...

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25. 02. 2014

Keeping Positive!

Keeping Positive: Sometimes keeping positive is a difficult thing to do, when your not achieving what you expect, when things aren’t always keeping to plan or when something unexpected happens, but its important...

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20. 02. 2014

Feeling Tired?

Feeling tired recently? If you are have been feeling tired and its effecting your daily routine, or limiting the changes you want to make in your life such as beginning regular exercise then...

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12. 02. 2014

Achieving your Goals

Achieving your Goals: Setting goals is an excellent way to start a journey off. Whether that journey is weight-loss or something completely different. For this post we will be talking in the context...

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06. 02. 2014

The SlenderPatch

The SlenderPatch: Time to talk about the SlenderPatch again, as we have had such a good response from it so far! When people think of a patch, they may be thinking about chemicals...

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04. 02. 2014

Feeling Bloated?

Feeling Bloated? Having a bloated tummy can make you feel really sluggish, uncomfortable and sometimes in pain. It can also have a visual effect on your body, making your stomach appear larger than...

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