Non- Traditional Ways Of Keeping Fit

On November 4, 2014 by admin

Non- Traditional Ways Of Keeping Fit


By keeping fit and active what one understands is to do a lot of exercise and involve in extensively elaborate diet plans. But all the time it is not so. One can go about doing everything under the sun and yet keep fit and active by just giving an hour or so in the morning to physical fitness and then go about doing all sorts of chores throughout the day.




There are some non traditional ways also apart from exercising and eating right. Those are discussed below:

  1. Physical activity.

This can actually be very interesting. It comprises swimming, cycling, jogging, running etc. Anything which involves physical strength falls under this category. In fact these are activities that a person likes to do. In fact especially with the little children, these activities are the best ways in keeping them fit. A child likes to go around with a cycle or swim and he also benefits with an active body.

  1. Sports.

Today more and more people are getting involved in sports. Be it cricket, football, badminton or even tennis, I requires a lot of physical strength and stamina. Even an hour of practice every day or on alternate days help in toning down the shape of the body. Each and everyone who indulges themselves in sports –outdoor sports –benefit from it.

  1. Yoga.

For those who like to keep it simple and yet tone down the extra fat on their body, yoga is the best possible way to do so. When one practices yoga, one can do just about anything and eat anything that one wants to; the only condition being that at least twenty minutes to one hour is spent doing yoga every day. There are different asana in yoga which focuses on different parts of the body and have their own advantages.


  1. Spiritual healing.

There are many spiritual healing methods especially in the Japanese culture. These methods if practiced it is said cures a person from even the deadliest diseases and keeps them fit and healthy. One example of such spiritual healing is Reiki, coming from the Japanese culture. This is till date the most popular form, though there are many others as well.



Keeping fit not only gives a person a good body but also makes the heart and the mind fresh.  One has a lot of energy throughout the day to perform and never get tired.

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