Loving Your Body

On January 17, 2014 by admin

Loving Your Body:

You’ve probably read lots of times about how to keep your body healthy, that you should be drinking lots of water and that we should love our bodies. But how much of that do you actually think about each day? We should all love our bodies, and we all have the opportunity to change them for the better.

Drinking water is a great start:

Drinking a good amount of water each day is recommended by many doctors and health experts, as water fulfills the requirements of the average daily routine, replacing lost electrolytes and such. Someone may drink more or less water based on what they are doing, but generally you want to be drinking water often to help keep you flushed out and hydrated.

Water contains zero calories, so beginning a weight loss journey with water is an excellent start. Water helps suppress your appetite, so your eating less food, and only eating what you need. It does not mean you will eat less food than your body needs, so don’t worry!

On top of this, water has many other excellent, such as benefits to skin, headaches, back pain, the digestive system, among many others. This is why our SlenderToxTea detox courses advise you to drink water in place of everything else other than the tea itself.

Daily Exercise:

Exercise is extremely important for your body, and it doesn’t need to be that much. Just keep up to regular excersise as can keep your body healthy and functioning properly, it does not have to be strenuous. Combined with a healthy diet and drinking water, this will have an excellent result on your body! Also, if you’re suffering from depression, exercise is known to be an excellent anti-depressant!

Eating the right food:

Most people enjoy eating junk food, but our bodies don’t like it. The first thing most people will think about when eating junk food is weight gain and appearance, but there is much more to eating healthy than just keeping up your figure.

Eating healthy keeps your body in good shape, in turn your heart doesn’t have to work as fast, so it lasts longer. Yep, that means you live longer! Simple right? So why do we eat so much junk food? There are so many delicious, healthy alternatives out there. Fruits filled with natural sugars are great for us. Organic meats, are great too. Look around online for recipes of your favorite foods with ingredient alternatives.

So next time you look at yourself and think “I need to change”, do it for the right reasons and do it the right way.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below and we will get back to you!
The SlenderToxTea Team – We Care.

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