Kick start the New Year

On December 22, 2015 by admin

We all share the same motto in the New Year; New Year New You. Everyone is keen on making changes to their lifestyle and to focus on one specific goal for the year. For me, it’s to maintain a healthy lifestyle and drop a few unwanted Christmas pounds, train and beat my half marathon record time. The majority of people you know will want to lose weight and it will be the guaranteed hot topic of conversation in the office. Everyone will be comparing their New Year diet plans, what the latest diet trend is and which gym they have joined, which is all good and well, but dieting must be done with precaution and in a healthy manner.

To lose weight effectively, you must maintain a healthy balanced diet and exercise regularly, it’s the most effective way to drop the pounds, become healthier and be full of confidence. Weight loss isn’t and shouldn’t be an overnight quick fix solution; it can cause more long-term harmful effects on your body. Fortunately, we believe in natural solutions such as a healthy diet and regular exercise, which is why our Slendertoxtea health supplements have been carefully created using natural and organic herbal ingredients.

If you’re looking for a weight loss boost to work alongside a healthy balanced lifestyle, then allow us to recommend the following 28-30 days health supplements.

Slendertoxtea 28 Day Detox Teaformed from an array of natural herbs and plants, our 28 day detox tea will help you lose weight as well as give you that feel good factor. There are no calorie supplements in the ingredients, which means colon cleansing will be more effective, resulting in an improvement on your metabolism and health.

28 Day Detox Tea

Slendertoxtea 28 Day Chocolate Slendershake – these can be used as meal replacements to help lose excess body fat, whilst increasing your metabolism. Our Slendershakes are made up using carbohydrates, important healthy fats and fibre, all of which are natural and organic. They will help you feel fuller for longer and provide maintainable weight loss, but to see more effective results, Slendershakes should be used alongside a healthy lifestyle. If you’re not a fan of chocolate flavoured food products, then we also have an Acai Berry flavour available.


28 Day Chocolate Slendershake


If you wanted to be the hot topic of conversation in the office next year, then we recommend sampling our health supplement products; everyone will be admiring your new slimmer figure and you can tell them how simple and easy it was to drop the excess Christmas pounds.

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