Keeping Positive!

On February 25, 2014 by admin

Keeping Positive:

Sometimes keeping positive is a difficult thing to do, when your not achieving what you expect, when things aren’t always keeping to plan or when something unexpected happens, but its important to always keep positive about what it is you are trying to achieve.

Why is keeping positive so important?

Keeping positive is incredibly important as it allows your mind to be clear and focused on the targets you have set yourself, or just your daily lifestyle in general. If you have a negative mindset it may be easy to get caught up in this feeling and it will start to effect your performance in the things you do. Constantly negative mindsets may lead to depression, which is a state we could all do to avoid.

Your mindset can also affect others around you, if you have a vibrant, energetic and positive outlook when working as a group it may inspire and motivate others to be positive, leading to a better outcome of the task that you are completing as a whole. On the other hand however, if your being slack and negative about what it is your doing it may demotivate the people in your group, so be aware of your surroundings.

Methods of keeping positivity up:

1) Keeping open to new possibilities –

If something isn’t going wrong or not to plan in our lives then it is up to us to look for new possibilities and keep our minds and hearts open to them. If we let each new possibility pass us by for fear of failure, then we aren’t going to make it anywhere new in our lives, so remember to keep yourself open.

2) Don’t get angry or frustrated –

Getting angry and frustrated at little things is an easy way to make our positivity fall to nothing, so the next time you feel frustrated because someone cut in front of you in the line or you feel had an unfair advantage against you, just let it slide. Nothings going to change what happened anyway. Being neutral about these things instead of getting wound up is of course an excellent way to keep positive!

3) Slow things down a bit –

Its easy to lose track of what it is that needs doing when your doing a thousand things at once. The most important thing you can take from this blog is probably that if you find your one of the people that do so many things at once then you probably need to slow things down a bit in your daily routine. You may find that you are in fact taking on too much in your job role and could ask if you could offload some of your work onto a colleague, or take your time a bit more with household chores.

The morale of the blog is: Start doing things that make you happy rather than make you stressed out!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, The Slendertoxtea team! X

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