Feeling Bloated?

On February 4, 2014 by admin

Feeling Bloated?

Having a bloated tummy can make you feel really sluggish, uncomfortable and sometimes in pain. It can also have a visual effect on your body, making your stomach appear larger than it actually is, and nobody likes that! So lets get into a bit more detail about feeling bloated.

What can cause belly bloat?

There are many different causes and symptoms of belly bloat, and below we have listed some of the most common we have come across over various different experiences. Belly bloat is mainly caused by the foods we eat but sometimes as a result of our lifestyle choices.


As you may understand, constipation is a key cause of bloating, as your unable to defecate. This in turn leaves all the rubbish in your tummy, making you feel bloated, sluggish and perhaps ill. Constipation bloating is usually the type of bloating that will cause pain, as the waste is unable to leave your body.

Excess Tummy Fat:

People who carry extra weight in the tummy area compared to other areas of the body may be carrying extra tummy fat. Extra tummy fat is usually caused by cigarette smoking or alcohol consumption, as these activities cause the fat to favour the stomach. Regular beer drinkers tend to get what’s commonly known as a beer belly, and this is the reason why. If you are finding yourself bloated physically then you may consider cutting down on smoking and alcohol consumption.


Food containing a high amount of carbohydrates may cause bloat, and if your prone to getting bloat after breakfast time you may consider changing your breakfast diet to one containing little or no carbs. A previous blog we did about how to choose a healthy breakfast and why breakfast is so important can be found here: http://slendertoxtea.co.uk/blog/a-healthy-breakfast-a-happy-day/

Aiding Belly Bloat:

There are various methods to reducing belly bloat, and we will talk about a few of the best ones here. Going to the toilet is probably the best way to reduce belly bloat, this is especially obvious in the case of constipation bloat. Getting rid of all the excess in your tummy through the use of going to the toilet both for a pee and otherwise will make you feel better almost instantly.

Burping may make you feel better almost instantly too, but don’t force yourself to burp. Drinking fizzy carbonated drinks may help you to burp, such as a can of coke. If you don’t drink fizzy pop then try drinking carbonated water, as it is better for relieving symptoms of bloat than regular tap water.

Herbal based teas and drinks can have properties with laxative effects that may aid you into being able to defecate, which will help you feel better.

Belly bloat that you don’t know about?

You may be used to your belly bloat as part of your daily lifestyle or diet, and perhaps you could benefit from de-bloating your belly, both in terms of feeling better and lighter about yourself, and keeping your figure slender and slim, making you look and feel better!

As always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

The Slendertoxtea team! X


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