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Hands up who loves eating eggs for breakfast or brunch? There are so many variations to eating eggs for breakfast including having them hard boiled or with a dippy yolk to dip your toasted soldiers in, scrambled with smoked salmon, poached with avocado on toast, eggs benedict or a delicious omelette. The choice is endless and they’re a popular choice for a healthy breakfast. How satisfying would it be to have a scrumptious healthy egg breakfast with a cup of our detox tea? Yes please!

Now, eggs have been scrutinised in the past. They are high in cholesterol, which means they were automatically deemed as dangerous due to the link with high-cholesterol and heart problems. Of course, this is within reason and eggs shouldn’t be ruled out of your diet. They are also high in protein and a healthy source of dairy. Granted, having them fried and smothered in cooking fat would do you no favours and it would cancel out your detox tea.

With the stigma attached with high cholesterol and the harmful effects it can have on your body, scientists have discovered that there is no direct correlation between cholesterol foods such as eggs and heart attacks. Though, this doesn’t mean you can go crazy and delve into a plate of Scotch Eggs!


The reason why eggs were the big culprit for a high cholesterol food is because it contains 186mg of cholesterol and your recommended daily allowance is 300mg. So you can understand why a reduction in egg consumption is recommended. The study showed that eating one egg a day will not have a harmful effect on your heart, and they won’t thicken the common carotid artery walls either. So folks, you can enjoy your runny yolk egg for breakfast, with a warm brew of detox tea in the mornings without worrying about your heart.

Although this is good news about eggs, it doesn’t mean you should go egg crazy! What egg type would you choose for breakfast to accompany your ? Poached, scrambled, boiled, egg and soldiers or an omelette? I think I might have to have to scrambled eggs with smoked salmon tomorrow, mmmm!


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