Eats and Avoids: Getting the most of Slendertox!

On January 13, 2014 by admin

Eats and Avoids: Getting the most of Slendertox!

During your course of SlenderToxTea, it is important to eat the healthy, clean foods to receive the maximum benefits of the detox. Eating a variety of different healthy foods is the best approach, and it may even help you find foods and food combinations you didn’t know you liked! Be sure not to oversize your meals, and really try to keep your meals to the cleaner stuff!

Foods You Should Include:

Dairy substitutes – It is advised to keep off dairy products during a detox, but you can go for substitutes such as almond milk and coconut milk.
Oils: Cold-pressed olive, flax, safflower, sesame, almond, sunflower, walnut, canola and pumpkin oils are great while detoxing.
Animal protein: Fresh/Water packed fish, duck, turkey, organic chicken, lamb.
Drinks: Filtered/Distilled/Mineral water, decaf herbal teas.
More: Spices, salt, pepper, basil, carob, cinnamon,cumin,dill mustard, garlic, ginger, oregano, parlsley, rosemary,tarragon, thyme, turmeric and more!

Foods You Shouldn’t Include:

Fruits : Oranges, orange juice, corn, creamed vegetables.
Animal Protein: Pork, beef, veal, sausage, cold cuts, canned meat.
Vegetable protein: Soybean products (such as soy sauce, soy oil).
Nuts and seeds: peanuts and peanut butter.
Oils: processed oils, salad dressings and spreads.
Drinks: Alcohol, caffeinated drinks, soft drinks/pop.
More: Ketchup, chocolate, relish, chutney, BBQ sauce.

Remember that these are just guidelines but if you really want to make the most of your SlenderToxTea course, then it is recommended that you keep within them. Who knows, you may even find foods you love!
Also, we love to hear back from our Teatoxers, so please comment on what works for you and join in.

SlenderToxTea – We Care.

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