Easy ways to Detox yourself and Lose Weight

On January 7, 2014 by admin

4 Great Tips to Easily Detox and Lose Weight

Abide by these simple rules to help make your detox diet easy and effortless and you will guaranteed to be healthy and fit!

After the Christmas and New Years period all that drinking, eating and partying won’t be doing you any favours on your body, so we are here to help! Now that you have decided upon your new year resolutions, having a great and healthy diet has to be one of them, below we will list 8 great tips for you to use and abide by to help your detoxing experience. Although your teatox will help you with your weight loss and colon cleanse, the only way to maintain a healthy diet and detox is to do exercise and eat healthy whilst doing so.

#1) Avoid processed carbohydrate foods and snacks

By avoiding carbohydrate foods and snacks such as pasta, breads and baked potatoes as these foods contain vital fibre, vitamins and minerals which breakdown slowly in the body, preventing hunger spikes and help maintain steady blood sugar levels.

#2) Sleep well and often

Keeping on top of your sleep to build energy is a good way to stay refreshed and healthy, it’s important that you get into a strong routine of sleeping and waking up to build a good dieting plan as it sets you up so you are ready for sticking to a routine. Maintaining around 8 hours sleep daily is the perfect amount of time to let your body refresh and be ready for the next day.

#3) Stay well hydrated

Whilst detoxing, as well as using the products it is important that you drink lots of water to flush toxins from your body once they have metabolized. The Teatox is good for you as it is rich in anti-oxidants and helps flushing along with cleaning your colon, additionally it is essential you stay away from sweetened drinks as much as possible as these contain a lot of sugars and caffeine which will effect the rate of your detox diet.

#4) Replace certain foods & try to limit intake of certain foods

Swapping/replacing certain foods can help you increase your healthy lifestyle, even simple things such as swapping bread for wraps, replacing white rice with brown rice & replacing milk chocolate for dark chocolate as it contains a lot less milk. All these help along with a lot more which you can find online, decrease the amount of intake you have daily and can help you along the way with your detox!

As well as following these simple tips, we didn’t think it would be necessary to remind you of your 5-a-day and eating your greens as you should be doing this with common knowledge on your diet as these contain the relevant vitamins and minerals your body needs. A good way to maintain a diet is to create your own personalized plan to determine the week ahead, if you don’t know where to start or unsure we provide a basic plan on our website displaying some tasty foods with some basic instructions and ingredients. Check it out below! 🙂

Eating Plan

Happy Detoxing and Lots of love,
The Slendertoxtea Team x

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