Detox Diet | My Slendertoxtea Detoxing Experience (Day 7)

On November 26, 2013 by admin

My Slendertoxtea Detoxing Experience (Day 7)

I’m on day 7 of my slendertoxtea teatox, I felt I might just do a little blog to expel some of the myths.

Like everyone that’s going to do a teatox I’ve seen there’s a few available and I’ve read a real mixed bunch of reviews, from certain types of teas taste awful, don’t be ridiculous that you can pin your weight loss goals on it, to they are marvellous and seen streams of weight loss pics on my news feed.

To be realistic I really knew I was going to use slendertoxtea for a system cleanse and get that reboot my digestive system needed and get my healthy eating back on track.
So 7 days in I’m following some of the slendertoxtea diet plan I’ve got to say feeling cleansed my stomach is feeling better and I AM feeling more energised.

I’m convinced its the kick I needed and I’m going to get another 14 day teatox
So I’ve done 28 days and I can see the results.

I will keep you posted teatox bloggers, for more updates like us on facebook 🙂 x

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