A Healthy Breakfast = A Happy Day

On January 30, 2014 by admin

A Healthy Breakfast = A Happy Day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day:

Atleast in our opinion. Breakfast sets you up for the day, giving your metabolism a chance to start working before the larger meals such as lunch and dinner, it increases morning energy, which can make you more productive, breakfast is a great source of nutrients and can stop you binge eating later on in the day, which helps keep our waistline down (we’ve all binge eaten and felt guilty about if after!!).

Metabolism Increase:

So lets start with the metabolism. If you skip breakfast and don’t eat until lunch, thats your whole morning where you haven’t eaten anything to start your metabolism, so at lunch time when you eat it won’t be ready straight away to start breaking down the food. This can cause fat to build up easier as a result of a slow working metabolism, although if you had eaten a breakfast, it would already be in motion and your lunch will breakdown much easier, making you feel better and slimmer.

Energy and Vitamins:

Food gives us energy, everyone knows that. So when we are tired on a morning, it should feel natural for us to go make a nice breakfast full of energy and vitamins, to kick start our day with. A good breakfast should consist of a lot of protein, energy and be low calorie, containing calcium, iron and vitamin B if possible. You may find having a piece of fruit such as a banana along with your breakfast is a great source of vitamins. So if you’re a breakfast skipper and usually feel sluggish and slow on a morning, maybe this is one for you to take special interest in!

Binge eating:

We have all binge eaten when we are hungry before, and skipping breakfast tends to make us hungry. A full size breakfast will keep us sated for much longer than a couple of chocolate bars and a bag of crisps, not to mention the sickly feeling and guilt you could feel eating that at 10 o’clock! It is much easier to eat low calorie, tasty options at breakfast time than it is to find food on-the-go, so take advantage of morning time. Take ten or twenty minutes out of your morning and sit down and enjoy your breakfast, you will really start to feel the benefits both on your body and your figure.

Breakfast ideas:

If your stuck for ideas at breakfast, check out this PDF, by  LiveStrong (all credit to them for the below PDF):


We hope you reconsider next time you skip breakfast, and do whats best for your body.

The Slendertoxtea team. We care.

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