7 Great Slimming tips for Summer!

On June 23, 2014 by admin

7 Slimming Tips for Summer!

Are you sick of chasing fad diet schedule? It’s time to change your routine by following some simple steps here are some down to earth advice that won’t disappoint you and contribute in your health improvement. Have a look on these simple ideas, they will definitely going to work on you:

  • Drink plenty of water

Drinking more and more water in a day would surely contribute in reducing your body weight this is known to be one of the most effective ways to lose body weight. At the same time you will be cleansing out the toxins and fat cells from the body just by drinking water.

  • Eat a bowl of green vegetables

You are free to eat as many green vegetables as you can in a day. No one has gained their weight with eating too many vegetables. They are alkaline forming and consist of vitamins and minerals.

  • Pick healthy snack

If you have been travelling out frequently then do not forget to carry healthy snack with you in your journey.  Once you are away from home there are too many temptations and you can’t help yourself unless you have strong determination of not eating them. Therefore it is advised to have a healthy snack with you.

  • Do not skip your meals

Some people have the tendency to skip their meals, they must know the fact that skipping your meals would not reduce your weight instead it is advised to eat after a fixed interval of time. This will keep your sugar level constant and you would be safe from starving mode, otherwise if you do so you felt starving all the time. Dieting isn’t work on everyone.

  • Move your body

Regular exercise is must do not skip your regular exercise, move your body as much as you can and you would likely to reduce your weight in some days.

  • No artificial sweetener

Say no to the artificial sweetener as researches done on them shows that they contribute in gaining your body weight.

  • Eliminate Wheat products

Wheat products are not necessarily good for you. It has been seen that if you want to reduce your body weight you need to cut the wheat products in order to get fast results. Slimming isn’t one day task you have to work on it until you achieve positive results. All you have to do is run, eat and live your life.   Slendertoxtea

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